Get Rid of Cellulite – Use Cinnamon

Cellulite is a problem that affects 90 percent of women, according to the CNN article “Elusive search for cellulite cure continues.” Dermatologists have confirmed that cinnamon melt cellulite. Also it has been proven that cinnamon extract improves the look of your skin.

Sounds like a dream, right? But dermatologists at the University of Grenoble say that the extract of cinnamon is one of the most effective cellulite removers. In the conducted experiment were involved 80 women who had this cosmetic problem. And the results were excellent.

Half of the participants were exposed to a special anti-cellulite masks and massages, while the rest of the women were treated with cinnamon oil obtained from the dried bark of the plant.

It has been shown that in the second group, cellulite was decreased for 60% and only for 10% in the first group.

The amazing effect of this spice, is due to the rich concentration of antioxidants and other beneficial substances. Cinnamon extract stimulates the regenerative ability of the cells, improves the supply of nutrients and energize the cells. Cinnamon has the ability to normalize the exchange of substances in the skin, which leads to burn more calories and losing weight, so get rid of cellulite – use cinnamon !

Our advice is to add regularly little cinnamon in your juices or coffee and you will see the effects of this amazing cellulite removal.