Do Weight Loss/Fat Burning Belts Really Work?

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I’m back with another post and today we would be talking about if weight loss/fat burning belts really work? Using weight loss or fat burning belts is the latest craze in the market which claims to reduce the fats in the body instantly. Fat burning belts come equipped with the facility of increasing the ability of the body to burn more calories and fats easily. It is believed that using the fat burning belt is especially effective in treating the excess belly fats. Many believe that using weight loss or fat burning belts can help to burn the fats and also give a flat and sexy abdomen. So, let’s check if weight loss or fat burning belts are really helpful in losing fats from the body.

What is a Fat Burning Belt?

Fat burning belts are also called slimming belts which are generally worn around the abdominal area and also the lower back. The concept of fat burning belts is when you wear around the area, your body will start sweating which helps to lose weight easily. Generally, the size of the belt depends on the brand but in most of the cases, the size of the belt fits all.

For how long you wear the fat burning belt also depends on the brand of the belt. Some brands request the users to use the belt for one hour while some others warn to keep it just for 30 minutes. The timing of using fat burning belt depends upon the intensity at which your body will start losing weight. One important thing to remember while using the fat burning belt is you should be including healthy food and regular exercise in your daily routine.

What are Fat Burning Belts Made Of?

After much research, it was found that fat burning belts are made of neoprene. Neoprene is actually a synthetic rubber which is generally high in elastic and also compresses under pressure. Most of the fat burning belts available in the market are made of neoprene or similar material. Some of them are made of nylon or spandex.

When To Wear Fat Burning Belts?

Fat burning belts come with a special mechanism which can help to create a sauna effect thus aiding in losing belly fats easily. Generally, fat burning belts should be worn while doing physical activities like cycling, walking, weight lifting or jogging. Fat burning belts melt away the fat around the body thus giving you chiselled abs.

Fat Compression:

After a lot of studies, it was found that using fat burning belts can help to create a temporary compression which will give you a smaller waist. This process can help you to compress body cells which do not mean that you are losing weight. At the end of the day, you still have the same amount of fats accumulated inside the body.

Sweating Away:

A fat burning belt creates sauna effect which allows the area to sweat. The covered area tends to sweat because you’re retaining less water in that area. Due to loss of water in that area, it can lead to sweating which does not mean that you are sweating your weight away.

Will it Help To Lose Weight?

No, weight loss belts cannot actually help you to lose weight. It generally creates a temporary illusion of flat stomach or abs. Also, these belts can help to compress the fats.