This is What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Meals

Skipping a meal has become a trend, whether it is due to a special diet regimen or lack of time. If you often skip your meals for any reason, you have to know what can this habit of yours do to your body.

1. Hormone Imbalance
Every time you skip a meal, the cortisol level increases and causes anxiety. The insulin also increases and decreases instantly, resulting in an unstable blood sugar level.

2. Digestion Problems
Your body is used to work during the whole day, so when you skip a meal the digestive system is unable to do its function. Proper metabolic and digestive function require 3 meals and 2 snacks.

3. The Body Stores Fat
By skipping the meals you confuse the body. It thinks you are starving, so every time you skip a meal, instead of burning the fat, the body stores it to provide ‘fuel’ for the following period.

4. Exhausted Organism
Skipping the meals slows your metabolism and makes you feel exhausted. Regular meals will help you boost the metabolism and burn more calories.

5. Altered Perception
This may come as a surprise to you, but skipping a single meal changes your perception on food. Your brain creates a picture that food is not your top priority at the moment, which is bad for the overall health.

6. Overeating
Overeating is the last and the most dangerous phase. At dinnertime, your body is so exhausted and hungry for calories, that you often eat too much food and overeat. Usually this results in stomach ache and weight gain.