The Dangers of Sitting For Too Long (Infographic)

Working on the computer until late hours in the night is a serious health risk — one that can affect the health of 50-70% of all Americans! Sitting for too long can damage the spine, cause heart disease, some types of cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, slow blood circulation and high cholesterol.


According to statistics, about 80% of Americans use the Internet every day, and there is at least one computer in 90% of households. Researchers say that the number of Internet users increases by approximately 10 million every year.

Health specialists explain that about 40% of their patients experience problems with their backs as a result of improper sitting and spending long hours on the computer.

Hundreds of people ask for medical help, and most of them have a job that requires working on a computer for eight or more hours every day. This problem especially affects children younger than 18 years old, who begin to develop severe spinal deformities like kyphosis and scoliosis. Unfortunately, 5 year old children watch cartoons or play games on the computers for long periods of time, which can also affect their physical development.

Specialists also explain that if you work on your computer for more than two hours each day, you may have a higher risk of seriously damaging your joints, spine, and neck. Most people eventually end up taking medications for their entire lives and struggle with difficult-to-treat pain.

In the beginning, patients begin to have problems with their joints and experience neck and back pain. Children under 12 should not sit in front of the TV or the computer for more than two hours a day.

Muscle pain is a great reminder that you should go for a walk and do some exercises.

Don’t just sit there!