It’s Official! The Vaccine Against Diabetes Is Finally Announced!

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases for the 21st century. A lot of people suffer from it, and unfortunately it can’t be cured but only controlled. This is the exact reason why the news of the new vaccine against diabetes had the world jumping for joy!

Scientists are hopeful that the new vaccine will greatly reverse the effects of diabetes. As the president of the foundation Vive your Diabetes- Salvador C. Ramirez and the president of the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases – Lucila Z. Ortega explained, the vaccine showed a great improvement in all the cases even though it cannot cure the disease.

Ramirez stated that this is the first time that they have managed to standardize a saline solution for all of the types of diabetes. He is the creator of the auto-chemotherapy, and he added that every diabetes patient needed special attention but the vaccine helped all of them in reversing the effects of diabetes.

The procedure occurs in several steps. Initially the patients are taken 5 cm of blood and after that were injected with 55 mm of blood arrangement that has been refrigerated at 5 deg. Centigrade. Since the blood leaves the body to a new temperature, when it reaches 37 degrees, a shock occurs and the defect in the blood that comes from the disease reverses in the vaccine.

This vaccine can also be a solution for preventing the chronically degenerative complications that are caused by the diabetes such as blindness, amputation, renal insufficiency etc. The treatment with the vaccine takes a year to complete and the vaccine lasts for 60 days.

Zarate states that in order to avoid possible complications, the patient should have regular consults with the doctors of the Mexican Association. She explains that even though the vaccine does help a great deal to reverse the effects of diabetes, the patients still need to take medication, do exercises, have a proper diet and start with auto-chemotherapy.