How to Tell if an Egg is Fresh – 3 Simple Tests To Check an Egg Freshness

Fresh eggs are delicious and nutritious foods, rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Our sensory senses for smell and sight are the best tools for determining if a meat product or some kind of herb is fresh , but we can’t really use our senses to test the freshness of an egg before we actually crack it.

We present you three tests to determine whether the eggs in your fridge are fresh enough or no. You can find out in several seconds!


First test:
– Take a deep glass bowl or cup and fill it with water.
– Gently place the egg inside and observe what happens.
– Fresh eggs will sink completely and will be “stuck” on the bottom.
– Not so fresh eggs will be at the bottom with one part and the other part will be raised to the surface.
– Eggs that float on the water are pretty old and risky for consumption so don’t eat them.

Second test:
– Take the egg in your hand and hold it against your ear. Shake it gently and hear the sound coming from inside the egg.
– If you hear no sound, the egg should be fresh and good for consumption.
– If you hear unusual noise coming from inside the egg, it is probably old.

Third test:
– Take an egg, break down the shell from the edge of the plate and open it. Pour it into bowl and observe its looks.
– If the bile is standing firm and raised and the white remains gathered around it, the egg is fresh.
– If the yolk is firm but slightly spread and little bit pressed and the white is completely transparent and hasn’t spilled, the egg is older, but still good for consumption.
– If the yolk is soft, completely flat or has diffused immediately, and the white is watery and fully diluted, the egg is probably old, so do not eat it.