Delicious Drink That Can Prevent Many Diseases

Vegetables and fruits are proven to be the best food for our body. Therefore, we offer you a fruit and vegetable drink that will help you prevent many diseases.

This drink will help you prevent the following diseases:

— Prevents cancer.
— Strengthens the lungs, prevents heart attack and high blood pressure.
— Strengthens the immune system.
— It is good for the eyesight, eliminates red and tired eyes.
— Helps removing pain after any physical training, and also the muscle pain.
— Has detoxification effects, helps the function of the intestines, eliminates constipation. This will give you healthy and shiny skin.
— Removes bad breath.
— Reduces menstrual pain

Ingredients :

1 potato
1 carrot
1 apple


1. Wash the fruits and vegetables, cut them into cubes, without peeling the skin, and put the mixture in a juicer.

2. Drink the juice right after you prepare it.

You can add some lemon juice to get a refreshing taste. You will get the best results if you drink this cocktail drink in the morning before you eat anything or one hour after your breakfast.For faster results, drink this juice twice a day, in the morning and before 5 pm.

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