Recipe From Our Grandmothers – Mix Two Ingredients And Let Your Smile GLOW!

We all long for white clean shiny teeth. What many of you have probably never tried is this two- ingredient recipe for teeth whitening, which originates from our grandmothers’ knowledge.

Do not wait and try their recipe– mix only two ingredients and get the smile of the TV commercials!



1 lemon
30g sodium bicarbonate


First squeeze the lemon and mix it with the sodium bicarbonate. You will see that their combining will create foam, so you should wait until the reaction is over. Now, dip a piece of cotton in the mixture and put it on your teeth. Leave it on for one minute.
If you do this procedure for teeth whitening often, wait at least two hours before you brush your teeth, do not brush them immediately.


You should never leave the mixture on the teeth, but wash your mouth afterwards. If left for hours, the acid will corrode the tooth glade, and it may cause a damage of your teeth if repeated.