7 Best Workouts To Get A Lean And Fit Body

Hello girls,

I have not written on IMBB for a long time and missed it a lot. Since the New Year celebrations are around the corner, I have started dieting and working out again. So here, I am sharing about the types of workout that can help you get a lean and fit body. Make sure you consult your doctor before getting started with these and also focus on your posture to avoid injury.


Bloated tummy is my biggest issue these days, thanks to PCOS. I have tried a lot of exercises but nothing has worked as well as planks for me. I began my plank routine with 1 minute and then moved on to 2.5 minutes. And now, I can finally hold it for over 3 minutes. Planks really target the tummy area and everyone around me is noticing this change. You just need a yoga mat and it can be done anywhere.


Just pull out a mat and get started with a pilates routine. Pilates stabilizes and strengthens your core. The 100, Criss-Cross, The Elephant and The Swan are most popular pilates exercises. Pilates also improves posture and makes body look leaner. Even though it should be done under expert supervision, you can do it at home as well by following an online video. An average pilates routine will focus on your entire body in one go.


Burpees is a very effective and fun form of workout, especially if you wish to lose fat and become lean. It speeds up the metabolism and increases your heart rate. This move works your arms, back, chest, core, glutes and legs. Burpees are loved by fitness freaks as it involves all muscle groups at the same time. Begin with as low as 5 reps per round and gradually increase them.

Crunches for tummy and lunges for thighs

Lunges suit every body type and are perfect for your legs. The combo of these two will target your tummy and leg area like nothing else. I would suggest you to try these under expert supervision so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

Resistance training

When I joined my gym I was under the impression that I’d be spending more time doing cardio. But, I was wrong. Contrary to popular belief, resistance training is more helpful in achieving a lean body. It helps define your muscles and burns fat easily. It also increases overall stamina and helps you perform your exercises better. If you do not have dumbbells and other weights at home, you can go for bodyweight exercises.


Sprints are another new ways of working out. It keeps your metabolism very high and calories keep burning throughout the day. Sprinting is simply running a few miles but requires a special technique.

Circuit training

The circuit is again one of the best training programs to lose weight and get lean muscles. And these days it’s really trending. It basically means moving on to the next exercise without taking any long break. The internet is full of videos that can help you perform these circuits easily at home.