Health Benefits Of Using Kale

Kale is often times called a super green, touted as being healthier than spinach. Kale is low in calorie, high in fiber and has zero fat. One cup of kale has only 36 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 0 grams of fat.

Following are the health benefits of eating kale:

1. Kale is full of vitamins. One cup of cooked kale contains over 1,000 percent of Vitamin K and nearly 100 percent of vitamins A and C.

2. One serving of kale contains 121 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids, a significant amount of the 500 milligrams recommended daily intake. Omega-3 helps protect you from heart disease and stroke

3. The good nutrients in kale help support heart health. It’s all thanks to the high fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6 content kale contains.

4. Kale has risk-lowering benefits for cancer. Some studies suggest that eating kale can reduce the risk of bladder, breast, colon, ovary and prostate cancer.

5. Kale has cholesterol-lowering abilities. The cholesterol-lowering ability of steamed kale was compared with the cholesterol-lowering ability of the prescription drug cholestyramine.

6. Kale can lower blood-pressure

7. Kale can control diabetes too

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