7 Ways For Your Hair To Grow Faster And Shinier

In reality, there is no magic solution that will achieve amazing hair growth in no time. You dream about some length, without cracking the ends in the meantime, which won’t lead to a close encounter with scissors and hairdressers before you planned.

Of course, there are various cosmetic products that promise you this magical effect, and which can undoubtedly help you somehow. But we have prepared for you several hair care tips that are proven to have a favorable effect on hairs faster growth.


  1. Massage the scalp of the head – this method will provide a faster flow of blood through the scalp of the head, and hence the hair follicles will get faster all the necessary nutrients for faster growth.
  2. Massage the hair in the shower – while washing your hair, start massaging from scalp till the neck to the sides of your hair to stimulate a better and faster hair growth. A real excuse to stay longer in the shower, right?
  3. Taking vitamins of a particular type also contributes to faster hair growth. For example, antioxidants in the steam with vitamin B can contribute to lush hair. Also, biotin that can be found in any local pharmacy, stimulates hair growth as well as nails.
  4. Cut the ends – we know that all those who dream about long hair, want to avoid this, but simple trimming can actually help grow hair because it will grow faster and will not crack.
  5. Using balsam and hair mask allows your hair to lush and shine. While the shampoo successfully removes all impurities and dirt, these cosmetic preparations are those that strengthen and regenerate your hair.
  6. Use a hair dryer, but be careful not to use too hot air. Because too warm air can dry out, damage and even burn hair lines. It is best to use cold drying on a fan or a half warm.
  7. Before jumping out of the shower, pass it once again with cold water through the hair. This will help to reduce moisture, prevent hair warming, and accelerate its growth.


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