Detox & Hydrate Your Body With Spa Water

Water is exceptionally good for your body and your health, but it’s easy to forget to drink enough. That’s why this spa water is perfect – it jazzes up water and makes it more tantalizing. By making water more flavorful, you up the chances that you’ll drink it!

You can use any fruits and veggies you’d like, but here’s some great combinations for summer:

Cucumber + Mint

Fresh Rosemary + Lemon

Orange + Rosemary

Cucumber + Lemon + Orange

Lemon + Lime + Orange

Grapefruit + Pineapple + Lemon + Mint

Simply chop up your produce and put it in a liter of water. Let it sit overnight or for a few hours, changing the fruit and veggies every 24 hours. If you use berries, make sure you macerate them a little bit so the juice and nutrients get into the water.


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