French Women Don’t Get Fat! Here Are The Reasons Why Is That So!

French Women Don’t Get Fat is also the name of the book written by Mireille Guiliano, based on the principles taken from the lifestyle of the women of France. So, French women enjoy all the charm of good cuisine and delicious dishes, but, see miracle, do not get fat! Of course, there are exceptions (to confirm the rule), but statistically they are almost negligible!

We know what is the most difficult with every diet: the feeling of lack of freedom in the choice of food and, of course, deprivation. In this diet (if it can be called diet at all) there is no such a thing!

The author of the above-mentioned book recommends eating literally ALL the food, but what matters is that you must enjoy food (a very demanding request, right?). So, there is no forbidden food only the size of meals is slightly smaller than usual. Mireille says that the biggest secret is that French “eat using their heads” and choose the foods very wisely.

Emphasis is put on quality rather than quantity, then slower eating, following the unique taste that each food has and of course, stopping with eating when your senses are satisfied.


Guiliano “reveals” many tricks and secrets used by French women for years to maintain a slim figure and a healthy body. In order to start the weight loss process, the author gives a secret recipe that is widely used by the French: Magical leek soup – which is the only food that is consumed over the weekend. This soup and lot of water act as an excellent diuretic agent and stimulate rapid weight loss, increasing motivation and reducing appetite!

The first three months of this diet serve to change your mental and emotional attitude towards food, in order to “reset” yourselves. During this period you will discover what is too much and what too little in your diet and you will slowly start to bring it into balance.

You will gradually throw away all the food that does not suit you or for which you know it is not good for you. You will learn to choose exactly the right foods from which your body and mind will only have benefits. In a few words – you will learn how to control food choices and the size of the portion.

After three months, you should already have a completely different approach to food, and by the way, you’ll lose at least half the extra pounds. At this stage, you can start experimenting with a wider range of foods including delicacies!


Author emphasizes the importance of consuming three meals a day and a mandatory eating of breakfast that will keep metabolism at the same “working” level.

She also recommends to prepare food at home as much as possible, so that you simply know what is in your meal and what you are consuming. Food in restaurants and “fast food” are usually rich in fats, salt and sugar and should only be used occasionally.

This diet underlines the importance of fresh seasonal fruit and encourages the use of a higher amount of vegetables and fruits. But also fresh herbs and spices that contribute to a pleasant taste without adding extra calories. The book itself contains a large number of recipes that prove that you can eat delicacy and yet lose weight.

Water is recommended as a main beverage and wine is allowed (in fact recommended), but only with a meal and with an additional glass of water.

Bread and chocolate are of course allowed, but emphasis again on quality rather than quantity. According to Mireille – it is much more pleasant to eat a piece of the finest chocolate than a dozen candies.

Two serving of yoghurts between meals will also give you a sense of satiety and ensure not be hungry.


Spring – summer menu


  • a slice of cheese
  • 2 oz. (65 g) cornflakes with blueberries
  • coffee or tea


  • sandwich made from bacon, lettuce and tomatoes
  • 4 oz. (120 g) of raspberry
  • some refreshing drink without calories


  • grilled chicken with rosemary
  • baked potatoes in the oven
  • salad from seasonal vegetables
  • a glass of black or white wine


  • grilled peach with lemon juice

Recommendation for exercise

Generally, book encourages to increase daily physical activity whenever possible.


  • A wide range of foods will eliminate the risk that your diet will become boring.
  • No deprivation. You can enjoy all tastes without feeling guilty!
  • Increases awareness in eating that contributes to the size of the portion.
  • The input of a larger amount of fruits and vegetables brings many health benefits.
  • Daily drinking yogurt will supply your body with so much calcium that helps both remove excess fat and maintain muscles.


  • It may not be pleasant to those who like to carefully plan meals and count calories.


If you’ve tried a lot of diets and given up because of their monotonous menus or feelings of deprivation then this is a real diet for you! Also you can get practical tips that can help you make positive changes in your lifestyle that will become permanent even in the “temporarily” age.



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