The Laziest Ways To Lose Weight

Everyone’s looking for lazier and lazier ways to lose weight.

“I want to lose weight by doing 10 minutes of cardio per month!”
“I want to lose weight by falling asleep in front of my computer!”
“I want to lose weight by eating buckets of ice cream!”

And while those are obviously ridiculous, there are actually a couple of STUPIDLY easy ways to lose weight.

They don’t involve dieting.
They don’t involve exercise.
They don’t involve restricting when you eat.
All you have to do is drink some stuff.
I know, I know, there’s a catch right? As in: what the hell kind of stuff are you going to tell me to drink?
Actually – some tasty stuff! And healthy, too!

Recipe #1: The Cinnamon And Honey Secret

Don’t ask me why this works, just do it and laugh your way to the bank (or to the smaller clothes store, or whatever you want to put in here to make this metaphor work).

You’ll need:

2 tsp of raw honey
1 tsp of cinnamon
One cup of water

How to make:

First, get the water boiling.

Then, pour the boiling water over the 1tsp of cinnamon. Cover it and allow the cinnamon to steep and the water to cool down.

Once the water is cool enough to drink (and really we’re aiming for warm/lukewarm here, if it’s too hot it will destroy the enzymes in the honey), add the 2tsp of honey to the mixture.

That’s it! That’s literally it. It cannot be easier than that.

Drink half of it before you go to bed at night. Cover and refrigerate the other half and drink it in the morning without reheating it.

If you drink it on an empty stomach, it will burn calories all night and all day long!

Recipe #2: The Fat Burning Water Flush

I know, it sounds like a toilet. Gross. You need to get your head out of the gutter and graduate from 2nd grade, because that’s where your sense of humor is.

In the toilet. Your sense of humor is about poop jokes.

Anyway, I’m not going to ask you to drink poop. That is sick and disgusting. Definitely don’t think about drinking poop right now.

Instead, I’m going to give you the recipe for a drink that’s going to flush toxins out of your body at the same time that it boosts your metabolism, gives you more energy, and ignites weight loss.

You’ll need:

1 sliced up medium cucumber
1 sliced up medium lemon
12 small leaves of spearmint
1 tsp of fresh grated ginger
2 liters of water

How to make:

Are you ready? This is the hard part:

You have to put all this stuff together in a large pitcher and sock it away in the refrigerator for the ingredients to blend.


Anyway, it’s not.

Just drink that mixture over the course of the next day and you’re going to promote your body’s health, energy, and weight loss, all at the same time!


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