Place a Few of These Leaves in the Corners of Your House and You Will Never See a Roach Again

Cockroaches are one of the most resistant and notorious insects on the planet.

They have survived numerous world catastrophes and are known omnivores. Our households are known to suffer from cockroach invasions, and they are not as easy to get rid of as you may think.

Cockroaches have the habit of leaving traces over their stepping territory and this is how they find food and water. And also, this is a guide for other cockroaches to appear, as well.

They multiply with the speed of light and this is what makes them tricky to destroy. However, we present an easy way to get rid of them once and for all!

The Most Effective Cockroach Method

One of the most natural and cheapest ways to banish cockroaches is bay leaves. This simple but powerful herb will not kill the cockroaches but will push them away.

The secret is in its smell, which is intolerable to cockroaches. To protect yourselves from cockroach mania, place laurel branches everywhere around the house.

To boost the effect, put 10 bay leaves in the garden and the same in the kitchen. This will drive the cockroaches away and you will never face this problem again. You can also place the leaves around food- they are not toxic and safe for children.

The bay leaves in your garden will not only protect your plants and home, they are excellent for protecting your pets and kids as well.

For best effects, use fresh leaves, but dry ones work just as good. Also, you can crush leaves and form a powder- these release smell much more and you will definitely be safer.