Incredible Smoothies for Easy Weight Loss Strategy

If you want to lose weight but you can not resist the temptation to eat, then you are at the right place. What we suggest is a simple weight loss plan that can help you get the body shape you want while you indulge yourself in delicious recipes. Healthy recipes made with fresh ingredients that trigger the metabolism, contribute to fast fat burning and eliminate the unnecessary liquids within the body. These slim down plan is also good for cellulite treatment if consumed regularly and combined with moderate fitness.

By adhering to the simple rules of the weight loss strategy, you invest is your wellness and secure your most valuable health insurance.

This weight loss strategy is easy to follow because it consists of only two main steps. The first step is to consume the morning smoothie as a substitution for breakfast. The second step is to prepare another smoothie which will serve the purpose of dinner. And that is almost all you have to do. A great deal of enthusiasm for losing weight in a healthy way and motivation to achieve results that everyone around you will notice.

The main ingredients in these two smoothie recipes are strawberries. They are popular weight loss food due to being rich in fiber, water content, antioxidants and compounds that make easier the weight loss process and help the body to burn calories without too much additional effort.

1 cup strawberries ( or wild strawberries)
1 banana
1 orange ( in a form of juice)
1/4 cup crushed almonds

Combine the listed ingredients in a blender until you get the tasty smoothie.

For maximum effect it is of crucial importance to do some exercises ( at least 20 minutes-30 minutes) in order to transform the calories into energy.

The second step of this easy strategy for cutting down your weight is to consume another smoothie as a dinner substitute.

1 cup strawberries
1 lemon ( in a form of juice)
1 tsp. ground flax seeds

Put everything from the recipe in a blender and blend well. You will get a refreshing smoothie ideal for fast weight loss and visible results in short time.

For lunch you can take whatever you like, just make sure you avoid eating processed foods ( chips for example). If you desire you can introduce seasonal salads on your menu or you can combine it with something else. That is up to you. Just make sure you follow the 2-step strategy for morning and evening. If you are dedicated to reducing weight, then also pay attention to the amount of water you drink during the day. It shouldn’t be less than 2 liters. Follow these simple rules and observe how your body experiences a dramatic weight loss change.


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