Yoga For Complete Beginners – 20 Minutes Yoga Class + Video

If you have troubles meditating, yoga is a good way to reach the meditative state without sitting still and trying to calm your thoughts. For some of you it is much easier to do something while you work on queting the mind, and guess what, yoga is your best option.

Check this 20-minute routine, it is an ideal combination of simple poses for beginners. At the end your body will rest after the prior movements, and you will feel relaxed. This yoga routine will soon become your favorite, and you will feel amazing each time you try it. Have fun and enjoy!

Yoga connects you with your breath and body, enabling you to relax and quiet your mind. In addition to the inner well-being benefits, yoga is an amazing physical activity, as it helps both men and women gain flexibility, balance and strength.

Yoga is used to:

– Improve mood and decrease anxiety
– Protect heart health and treat symptoms of heart failure
– Treat back pain
– Decrease blood pressure
– Stimulate joint mobility, increase strength and flexibility
– Improve posture and musculoskeletal conditions
– Treat asthma and allergy symptoms
– Decrease stress

Patients diagnosed with cancer and schizophrenia also do yoga to control their symptoms and improve their life quality. For a nice start, you need some discipline and inspiration. Yoga is a rewarding practice, so there is no reason you should not try it!