Amazing: This Man Cured 5 000 People Using Hemp Oil

Rick Simpson from Canada is a smiling and energetic 64 year old man who went through a lot in his life. Few years ago, after the doctors announced that there is no cure for his cancer, Rick had the urge to commit suicide, but after some deep thoughts he decided to start a therapy using hemp oil.

Rick cured himself and despite all the oppositions from the state institutions, he still decided to share his experience with the rest of the people diagnosed with cancer.

In 1997, he fell while repairing the boiler and got severe head injuries. The doctors prescribed him some medicines, but they kept increasing the pain. When Rick could not stand the pain any more, he had to counter a suicidal urge! The doctors gave up thinking there was no cure for his situation.

Then Rick remembered he heard a radio program explaining how hemp oil can cure different diseases. He decided to go for his luck, and started consuming hemp oil every night. The results were soon visible and quite surprising. The pain was gone, he was sleeping normally and almost every health problem disappeared.

After a while Rick had face another problem. He noticed a mole growing at the end of his right eye, and doctors diagnosed it as a skin cancer. When there was no other cure, Rick decided to trust the hemp oil once again. First, he was soaking a piece of gauze in hemp oil, and then applied it directly on the mole. After just four days the mole disappeared together with the cancer!

After the doctors did not allow him to use marijuana anymore, thinking it would not help him, Rick decided to cultivate some on his own, and started producing hemp oil. He was the first patient to try this remedy, and presenting its benefits he cured more than 5 000 people throughout the world.

Rick gives the oil for free, because he really wants to help people struggling with cancer. Until today many pharmaceutical companies offered him millions for his collaboration, but Rick turned each of them down.

— Why should people pay for their expensive medicines, when I can give them for free, said Rick.

His remedy has proven to be efficient in treating not only cancer, but also severe pain, leukemia, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, infections, inflammation, burns, chronic pain, psoriasis, ulcers, moles, warts and similar problems.

Rick also received an expert advice from renowned doctors that his medicine can actually cure anxiety, depression, sclerosis and regulate blood pressure.

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