8 Awesome Facts That You Never Knew About Coffee

It is nice if you can explain how you like your coffee. Do you add milk?

But, how much do you actually know about this delicious drink that is part of your morning routine? Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and read these interesting facts.

Coffee Lovers Should Be Grateful to a Herd of Goats

Legend says an Ethiopian goatherder noticed that every time his goats ate some of the red beans in the yard they become euphoric and full of energy. When this men tried some of the beans he became the happiest goatherder in Arabia.

Coffee Was First Chewed

Coffee was not always consumed as a drink. According to the historical records, the first African tribes collected these beans, added some animal fat and made tiny chewing balls.

People Did Efforts To Drink Beer Instead Of Coffee in The Morning

In Prussia the authorities were concerned that the consumption of coffee may interfere with their beer drinking habit. In 1777, Frederick the Great announced to his people that they should drink beer and not coffee for breakfast.

Instant Coffee is 250 Years Old

Instant coffee first appeared in 1771, in England. The process had evolved for years until 1910, when it was largely produced in America.

Finland is the realm of Coffee

Which is the most caffeinated country in the world? Finland! Even though this country does not produce the beans, Finns drink a looot of coffee. Norway, Denmark, and Germany are in the top five on the list of countries by coffee consumption per capita.

Beethoven Was The Nightmare Of Every Barista

Beethoven was a great coffee lover, but he knew exactly how he liked it. He strictly demanded that his coffee had 60 coffee beans.

Balzac Liked His Coffee Prepared in Any Way

The French writer Honoré de Balzac was not too demanding when it comes to coffee. He drank 50 cups of coffee a day.

‘Mocha’ is More Than Just An Interesting Word

Mocha is a town in Yemen. By the 17th century, coffee was produced only in the Middle East, and Mocha was the most famous place with the greatest production.