Diet Chart For Weight Gain

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How is everything at your end? Today, we would be talking about a diet chart for weight gain. Yes, we would be talking about weight gain in this obesity-ridden world. Not everyone is blessed with good body weight and body mass and gaining weight can be a difficult task for them. Ladies trust me, gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. If you’re a person who is always taunted by your friends for an extremely skinny body, here is an easy diet chart that can help you to gain weight in a healthy manner.
After doing a lot of research and taking the recommendation of dieticians into account, here I bring you the best diet chart for weight gain.

1. Include Foods With Lot Of Nutrients In Them:

One important thing you should consider while gaining weight is you should consume foods which contain a high amount of nutrients in them. You should avoid eating junk food as it contains a high amount of carbs and sugar but no nutrients. You can consume a whole paratha in the morning along with some yoghurt. Consuming boiled potatoes is another way to gain weight easily. You can also include salmon as it is extremely rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to gain weight easily.

2. Consume Lots Of Eggs, Milk, And Banana:

Eggs, milk, and banana contain a high amount of protein and nutrients which help to gain weight easily. You can start your day with one glass of milk along with some almonds. You can also have 1-2 bananas in morning or during snack time. Including eggs in your daily diet can help to gain body weight easily. Eggs are high in protein and vitamins and also contain a high amount of carbs which helps in gaining weight easily.

3. Consume More Of Fatty Food:

You should include fatty food in your diet chat as it can help in weight gain. Consuming too many fatty foods can lead to various problems and hence you should include them in small quantities. You can include food items like salmon fish, tuna fish, sunflower oil, avocado, olive oil or mackerel fish in your daily diet. These food items are high in fats which can help in gaining weight easily.

4. Eat Regularly:

Eat regularly while trying to gain weight, as regular eating can help to increase the food consumption capacity of the body. In order to increase the food capacity, you should consume at least three snacks other than three full meals. In between these breaks, you should consume different types of nuts, fresh fruits or nutty bars. You should consume food every two hours to gain weight easily.

Here’s a diet chart for weight gain:

Early morning:

You should start your day with one glass of milk with some almonds or raisins. Drinking milk is important while struggling to gain weight.


After 1-2 hours of drinking milk, you should have one or two butter loaded whole wheat parathas for breakfast. You can have it with some yoghurt in order to accelerate the digestion. You can also have one egg white or omelettes if needed.

Mid Morning:

You should consume a handful of nuts, almonds or roasted soybean. Make sure you have a handful of it and not more than that. You can also have one glass of lassi as well.


Along with your normal nutrient-rich lunch, you should consume one bowl of chicken soup. Including one bowl of sprout salad in your lunch is another great option.


Have a handful of cookies and tea together. You can also have some roasted nuts, soybean or fresh fruits. Consuming soaked almonds can also help to keep your stomach filled.


Take two glasses of milk and have two bananas with it. A handful of soaked nuts can be taken 15 minutes after having the milk. This will help to keep your stomach filled thus helping in gaining weight easily.


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