Watermelon Diet

The watermelon diet is a very effective way of losing weight and naturally detoxifying the body, without going hungry. This diet is known as one of the healthiest diets, not only because it brings great results, but because the dietary plan includes other foods that provide the energy that the body needs day to day, thereby allowing for weight loss without serious effects on health.

Watermelon properties for weight loss

Watermelon is a food characterized by its high water content and low calories. That’s why it is a great ally for weight loss and for develop the figure you want. Below we are going to list watermelon’s properties and benefits for weight loss.

– It is a diuretic and blood tonic. Eases liquid and waste elimination from the body.
– It is hypocaloric. Every 100 grams of watermelon has 7 grams of sugar and 32 calories.
– Source of water. One of its primary characteristics is that it is a rich source of water because it is made up of 90 to 95% water. Because of this, watermelon is a natural and strong quencher.
– It is a rich source of fiber. This property is perfect for maintaining good digestive function.
– Fit for diabetics. This delicious fruit is fit for people with diabetes because it is low in carbohydrates and sugars.

How do I follow the watermelon diet?

The watermelon diet is perfect for losing weight quickly and healthfully. Before starting it is important to point out that this can only be done for 5 days, without going overboard. This could cause negative health effects like the rebound effect Also, pregnant women should avoid this diet, as well as children or people with liver problems.

If you follow those recommendations and are ready and dedicated, we are going to give you the food plan for the watermelon diet below.

Day 1: one cup of coffee or tea, 2 whole grain crackers, one plain yogurt, and one slice of watermelon.
Day 2: one cup of coffee with skim milk, 1 piece of whole-grain toast with light cheese spread.
Day 3: one cup of coffee or tea, 1 piece of whole-grain toast or 1 crackers, 2 slices of ham or turky meat, 1 slice of watermelon.
Day 4: one cup of tea, 2 whole-grain crackers, a plain yogurt, and one slice of watermelon.
Day 5: one cup of coffee with skim milk and no sugar, 2 whole-garin crackers, and one slice of watermelon.

Throughout the five days of dieting, you should eat however much watermelon you would like at mid-morning, without eating less than 2 slices. You should also make watermelon juice and drink it 10 minutes before lunch.

Day 1: one grilled veal fillet, 1 pate of broccoli or another vegetable, 1 Tbsp. olive oil and 1 plain yogurt, sugar-free.
Day 2: one plate of boiled cauliflower, 2 baked chicken thighs and one plain yogurt, sugar-free.
Day 3: grilled shrimp or one serving of fish, grilled mushrooms or a plate of vegetables, and one plain yogurt.
Day 4: one grilled veal fillet, one serving of whole-grain rice and one plain yogurt.
Day 5: pumpkin or carrot puree, one serving of grilled breast and one plain yogurt.
Afternoon snack
Just like your morning snack, you should eat a snack during each of the 5 dieting days, having 2 or more watermelon slices or prepare a watermelon juice without sugar.

Day 1: grilled hake, one plate of garlic sauteed artichokes, 1 slice of watermelon.
Day 2: one bowl of fat-free vegetable soup, one slice of baked fish with lemon, one slice of watermelon.
Day 3: one fillet of grilled breast, one vegetable salad, one tablespoon of olive oil, one slice of watermelon.
Day 4: vegetable puree, one tortilla filled with asparagus or spinach, one slice of watermelon.
Day 5: one plate of leek puree with a bit of grated cheese, one grilled hake fillet, one slice of watermelon.


Remember that you should not follow this diet for too long because it could have secondary side effects on health. It’s best to follow the diet plan step by step for the recommended 5 days. After that time you should follow a healthy diet, free of fatty foods and junk food in general. You should also opt for starting a routine of healthy exercises and include more water in each day.

Source: steptohealth.com

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