Top 7 Beauty Secrets Using Coconut Oil

Lately, coconut oil has gained more of a presence in the mainstream beauty arena, and there is good reason for it! Check out these top 7 beauty secrets using coconut oil.

1. Use as lip balm — Simply take a left over mint tin and spoon some coconut oil inside. Coconut oil is pretty solid at room temperature and absorbs quickly and easily into lips, it is also EXTREMELY hydrating. Be sure not to keep it in your pocket or let it become too warm, contents may lea

2. Eye make up remover — Keep a small amount in your bathroom in a nice container, scoop a small amount out and use it to break down waxy eyemake up when you are washing your face, works like a charm.

3. As a body moisturizer — Coconut oil makes a fantastic body butter! Check out my recipe for “Triple whipped coconut lavender body butter” 2 ingredients! Simply luxurious..

4. Massage oil — Coconut oil naturally smells soothing, is all natural, and absorbs easily. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an added experience!
5. To smooth fly away or damaged ends — Take that same small bottle of coconut oil you used to remove eye make up and massage a tiny amount in to damaged ends of hair or pat and smooth gently to tame fly-aways.

6. Dandruff — Because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties, coconut oil is perfect for banishing scalp problems. Simply massage in to scalp and leave on for as long as possible. Shampoo thoroughly to relieve symptoms of dandruff.

7. Cracked foot treatment — After a warm shower, massage a large amount into feet covering all problem areas generously. Put on an old pair of socks and sleep in them or leave on as long as possible. This practice will improve the condition of dry and cracking skin.

Give these beauty tips a try and take advantage of all the amazing benefits of coconut oil!

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