Researchers Find Deadly Disease Resurgence Linked To Faulty Vaccine Use

The entire vaccine-industrial-complex depends largely on the supposed “effectiveness” of vaccinations in preventing diseases—but what if decades of scientific research prove the exact opposite?

What if certain vaccines have been shown to utterly fail as rates of diseases continue to spread—even among vaccinated populations?

It would be a massive monkey wrench in Big Pharma’s profit-making machinery, and yet despite mainstream media headlines failing to cover it in detail, the evidence is quite clear.

Take, for example, one recent study which concluded that a popular vaccine for acellular whooping cough failed to work as expected and that, as Dr. Joseph Mercola points out, “the continued circulation of the disease can be traced back to the vaccine itself.”

Dr. Mercola, however, emphasizes that the authors still believe older versions of the toxic whole cell pertussis vaccines were more effective than the ones currently used.

He writes:

“…a seminal 2014 infant baboon study published in PNAS gave strong evidence that both whole cell and acelullar vaccines are incapable of preventing infection or transmission of infection.

“The scientists found that whether baboons were vaccinated with whole cell or acellular vaccines, they were all capable of being infected, sometimes asymptomatically, and transmitting infection to other baboons.”

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