3 Delicious Smoothies For Improving Eyesight

When improving eyesight, one of the best nutrients to look for is vitamin A. The good news is that most smoothies incorporate fruits that are rich in the said vitamin. With the added bonus of other vitamins and minerals in the ingredients, you can have a better eyesight with these three simple smoothie recipes:

1. Very Fruity Smoothie
With this recipe you can make a delicious tropical flavored smoothie. The main sweetness and flavor comes from the juices of the fruits which is why you should freshly squeeze the juice yourself.

– A cup of apple juice and orange juice
– Chopped mango and apple
– One passion fruit
– One banana
– Juice from one lime

How to make:
Blend the ingredients in the blender; you may add spinach or any other greens as you choose. Oats will make your smoothie thicker so be sure to add some as well.

2. Veggie Smoothie
The ingredients in this smoothie are obviously vegetables, except for some kiwi fruits.

– Two branches of kale
– Two stalks of celery
– One orange bell pepper
– One beet
– Three kiwi

How to make:
Make sure not to take off the greens off the beets. There is also no need to remove the skin from the kiwi fruit and the seeds from the bell peppers. Be sure to use organic ingredients as other products won’t work. If you can’t find any organic ingredients you can always use apple cider vinegar to remove the sprays off of them.

Kale has lutein, which is the main ingredient in this smoothie to help with better vision. Bell peppers contain zeaxanthin, which is also great for your eyes. Celery stalks also contain lutein, which isn’t just great for your vision but will also detoxify your kidneys. According to Chinese medicine, having a healthy kidney is extremely important for the eyes. Finally, beets with their greens can give benefits to the liver, which is also vital to your eye health.

3. Spicy Green Smoothie

– One spinach
– Two carrots
– Peppers
– Flaxseed oil
– Lemon juice
– A pinch of salt

How to make:
This smoothie is high in vitamin C, omega 3, lutein and carotene. Blend together all of the ingredients and consume daily to help prevent retinal problems. You may also consume this as you are working on regular eye exercises. One amazing exercise is to hold one finger in front of your face, while keeping focus move it towards your nose. Once it gets blurry move your finger away. Try this a few times a day.

Having bad eyes may be a result of aging or an underlying disease. These smoothies are delicious and will give your eye good health.

Source: healthinformative.net

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