Fast Weight Loss: One Kilogram a Day With the Lemon-Diet!

According to recent medical studies, researchers have found that lemon or lemon water can enhance and support the fat burning procedure significantly.

We might assume that this lemon diet is what we lacked.

Try this lemon diet can help you get rid of excess weight and you can lose a kilogram everyday.

This regimen is referred to as “the lemon cleansing” because it detoxifies the body. It also boosts metabolism and improves the functionality of the immune system.

It is refreshing and energizing too. Some people call it “Beyonce’s diet” since the artiste used this diet to shed 38 kilograms after giving birth.

This makes us believe that this lemon diet is what is required.

Remember that the end goal is to achieve desired results and lose excess weight. This amazing recipe will help you shed off 1 kilogram steadily!

Weight Loss Lemon Diet Recipe:


8 cups of water
Juice of 6 lemons
½ cup of honey
Few ice cubes
10 mint leaves


1. Warm the water. Don’t let it boil or be too hot; not more than 60 degrees.
2. Then, add all the ingredients and stir for 2 minutes.
3. Remove from fire, let it cool and store in the refrigerator for several hours. After that, strain the mixture and the remedy is ready for use.


Note: Ensure you use an ice cube in every cup you take since the body requires extra energy to warm the cold foods or drinks.

Take 1 glass of this drink prior to breakfast. You should eat fruit salad for breakfast. At 11.00 am, take the second glass of this lemon beverage accompanied with almonds.

For lunch, take a boiled egg and lettuce salad. Spice the salad olive oil and apple cider vinegar, which melts fat. Take another glass of this lemon drink at 6.00pm together with some fruits. At dinner, grilled fish or chicken and seasonal salad would be great. Drink one more glass of this drink two hours before sleeping.

For detoxing the body and not weight loss, drink all the lemon weight loss drink during the day. Do this for 5 days, and avoid processed or unhealthy foods. If you use this lemon weight loss diet persistently, the results will be evident in just a week. Share this with others if you liked it.


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